The IRIScotland Project

'Institutional Repository Infrastructure for Scotland' (IRIScotland) was originally proposed by the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL), a cross-sectoral organisation representing the Scottish HE libraries, the National Library of Scotland and the two major public reference libraries in Glasgow and Edinburgh. IRIScotland was conceived as a means to provide the organisational and technological framework for a Scotland-wide institutional repository infrastructure for research.

In order to achieve its overall aim, IRIScotland seeks to

- bring about cultural and organisational changes by developing, in close co-operation with researchers and senior administrators, institutional policies, procedures and workflows conducive to open access publishing and self-archiving with a view to encouraging the rapid population of institutional repositories;

- seeks to achieve, across all the workpackages, a greater understanding of what is best done at institutional, regional or national (UK) level and within the context of relevant international developments;

- establish both a pilot repository hosting service to make it possible for Scottish institutions that may not wish to set up their own repositories to increase the visibility of their research output, and a harvester-based pilot cross-repository search and browse service to enhance exposure of the Scottish research output as a whole a framework applicable to any regional or subject groupings that might become building blocks for a UK-wide digital repository infrastructure.

The project is funded by JISC under the Digital Repositories Programme.

There are four principal partners, and each partner is leading at least one workpackage. Edinburgh University Library is leading workpackage 1 (project management) and also workpackage 2, which centres on issues of cultural and organisational change and how change is effected; Glasgow University Library is leading workpackage 3, which is developing workflows to support cultural and organisational change. Workpackages 2 and 3 are therefore closely tied together. The National Library of Scotland is leading the 4th workpackage, which is mainly concerned with the development of a pilot hosting repository service for Scotland; the Centre for Digital Library Research (CDLR), based at the University of Strathclyde, is leading workpackage 5 which is focussing on harvesting and metadata issues, creating a cross-repository search and browse service.

The workpackage leaders are: Workpackages 1 & 2 Philip Hunter (Edinburgh University Library), Workpackage 3, Morag Greig (Glasgow University Library), Workpackage 4, Simon Bains (National Library of Scotland), and Workpackage 5, Dennis Nicholson (CDLR).

Others working on the workpackages include Theo Andrew (Edinburgh University Library), Susan Ashworth (Glasgow University Library), Alan Dawson (CDLR), and Gordon Dunsire(CDLR) , and Eric Jutrzenka (NLS).

The project director is Sheila Cannell, Director of Library Services at Edinburgh University Library. John MacColl, also based at EUL, is Deputy Director of the project.

The progress of the project is overseen by the IRIScotland Project Board.

The IRIScotland project began on the 1st of September 2005 and is currently scheduled to be completed on the 31st of August 2007.

The project website homepage (this page) is at:

A development version of the IRIScotland Search Service, created by the CDLR at the University of Strathclyde, is now available.

The project has the co-operation and support of these and other institutions:

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